Children who are deaf

Deaf children have diverse needs influenced by social and environmental factors. A more nuanced approach is required to address these varied needs effectively. To support deaf children adequately, interventions should focus on making education more inclusive by training more teachers in deaf education, combating social stigma, and addressing the diverse needs of deaf learners. Additionally, providing financial support for education and improving access to specialized resources and services can contribute to the development of deaf children.

Menstrual Hygiene Program

Kyomubi  Foundation runs a Menstrual Hygiene Program that provides support to girls in both school and community settings. The program aims to address the challenges that girls face during menstruation, such as lack of access to sanitary products, inadequate facilities, and stigmatization.Through this program, Kyomubi  Foundation provides free menstrual products such as  reusable sanitary pads,, as well as education on menstrual hygiene management. The foundation also works to improve sanitation facilities in schools and communities, ensuring that girls have access to clean and safe toilets and changing rooms.The Menstrual Hygiene Program also includes advocacy and awareness-raising campaigns to address the stigma surrounding menstruation and to promote positive attitudes towards menstrual health. The foundation engages with parents, teachers, and community leaders to ensure that everyone understands the importance of menstrual hygiene and supports the girls in their care.Overall, the Menstrual Hygiene Program is an essential initiative that addresses a critical need among girls in both school and community settings, promoting their health, dignity, and education.

School Fees program

kyomubi foundation provides financial assistance to cover school fees and school supplies for children in the community who cannot afford them. 

This program to helps children stay in school and receive an education that they might not otherwise be able to access..

 By helping to cover the costs of education, the Kyomubi Foundation is  aiming to promote equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their financial background, and to improve their chances of success in the future.